Open fixed term position at Åbo Akademi

Information studies at Åbo Akademi University is seeking a PROJECT RESEARCHER for a fixed-term position in a ESF (European Social Fund) funded project AVO - Open networks for learning (Avoimet verkostot oppimiseen).


The work consists of development, investigations, education and related duties in a project on using Second Life as an open environment for learning. A successful applicant is required to have a master's degree in information studies (or library and information science) or equivalent degree and experience, knowledge or special interest in Second Life or other virtual environments. Earlier experience in research on digital environments and interest in doctoral studies are considered as special merits. A successful candidate is expected to be fluent in Swedish or Finnish. A good command of the other language is considered as a special merit. Also working knowledge of English is required in the project.


The tentative start date of the post is 1.9.2009, and the post has funding from the present project for one year, with the possibility of extension depending on further external funding. The applications with a letter of introduction containing contact information, CV, eventual publication list and 1/2 A4 describing your interest in virtual worlds, social web and/or Second Life should arrive before 15th of August 2009 to professor Gunilla Widén-Wulff (gunilla.widen-wulff(a)


Questions and enquiries:

Kim Holmberg




Isto Huvila



Archaeology and Archaeological Information in the Digital Society shows how the digitization of archaeological information, tools and workflows, and their interplay with both old and new non-digital practices throughout the archaeological information process, affect the outcomes of archaeological work, and in the end, our general understanding of the human past.

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Taking Health Information Behaviour into Account: implications of a neglected element for success- ful implementation of consumer health technologies on older adults (HIBA) is an Academy of Finland funded research project at Åbo Akademi University.

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Sheds new light on the potential of extra-academic knowledge-making as a contribution in formations of knowledge throughout society, explores extra-academic knowledge as a useful resource in academy, policy development, evidence based practices, and innovation, and focuses on the informational dimensions, stemming from and grounded in an informationscience perspective, which provides the means to address practical information-related issues throughout knowledge-making processes.

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