Second Life opetuksessa ja koulutuksessa -asiantuntijakurssi, 5 op

Kurssilla syvennytään Second Life –virtuaalimaailman käyttöön käytännön opetus- ja koulutustyössä. Second Life –ympäristö nähdään kurssilla välineenä ja pääpaino on tämän ympäristön tehokkaassa ja tarkoituksenmukaisessa hyödyntämisessä. Kurssilla painotetaan henkilökohtaisen tuen ja ohjauksen merkitystä sekä ryhmässä oppimista ja ryhmältä oppimista.

What is Library 2.0?

Library 2.0 has been a phenomenon that has been under discussion for almost four years. Perheps oddly, perhaps illustratively enough there has been many attempts to present definitions of the term. Most of the definitions so far have been, however, individuals' personal views of that what the 2.0 of library is all about. An article weitten by me together with my colleagues describing a definition based on empirical study of library and information professionals has been published in the Journal of Documentation (Vol 65, Number 4, pp. 668-681).

Open fixed term position at Åbo Akademi

Information studies at Åbo Akademi University is seeking a PROJECT RESEARCHER for a fixed-term position in a ESF (European Social Fund) funded project AVO - Open networks for learning (Avoimet verkostot oppimiseen).


Digital age is social?

I have enjoyed an intensive week in Croatia participating this year's Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA) conference in Dubrovnik and Zadar. Like last time two years ago when I attended the  meeting, it was an excellent combination of interesting papers, surveys of some present issues in digital libraries, library and information issues. My contribution focused on semantic wiki based information repositories with a special reference to documentation of archaeological entities.

Workshop on Learning and Research in Second Life

Call for Abstracts/Participation

Please join us in a workshop on Learning and Research in Second Life on October 7, 2009 in Milwaukee at Internet Research 10.0 (

Upon request by researchers and educators around the world, there is a new

Bibtex for Emerald journal articles

Emerald Insight service does not offer many options for exporting article metadata. I am myself using JabRef for bibliography management and it is always helpful if there is an option for downloading or copy-pasting a reference in Bibtex format. The following script does the trick for Emerald by scraping metadata from the article web page.

Analytical Information Horizon Maps

My new article Analytical information horizon maps was published in Library and Information Science Research 31(2009) on using researcher drawn information horizon maps (based on Sonnenwald's theoretical framework of information horizons) as an analytical research

Google Lively had a friendly atmosphere: preliminary observations from an on-going study

I am running a survey on the significant aspects of the by now closed Google Lively service at The preliminary findings indicate that the most highly appreciated aspects of the service were its friendly atmosphere and ease of meeting people from around the world, ease of use and the possibility to build a room without having to purchase anything in the first place.

EduFinland in News

EduFinland, the Finnish Education Island in Second Life, was featured in Helsingin Sanomat, the national daily newspaper in Finland. EduFinland is an effort to bring Finnish educators to one archipelago in Second Life and to foster cooperation and coordination of use, learning and development of Second Life as a tool and environment for education.


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Information Services and Digital Literacy provides an alternative perspective for understanding information services and digital literacy, and argues that a central problem in the age of the social web and the culture of participation is that we do not know the premises of how we know, and how ways of interacting with information affect our actions and their outcomes.

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Taking Health Information Behaviour into Account: implications of a neglected element for success- ful implementation of consumer health technologies on older adults (HIBA) is an Academy of Finland funded research project at Åbo Akademi University.

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ARKDIS project maps the implications and opportunities of the digitalisation of information and information work in the domain of archaeology and to develop and evaluate conceptual and practical methods and procedures for enhancing archaeological information work in the digitalised environment.

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